Best Business Cloud Storage Services

Distributed storage, or business cloud, is an online worker that permits you to utilize documents from any place on the planet. Contingent upon the reason for utilizing the capacity, focus on the fundamental qualities of the capacity: 

  • free extra room; 
  • the expense of extra space and its restrictions; 
  • the greatest size of the transferred record; 
  • a rundown of record designs that supports review; 
  • altering documents on the circle; 
  • work from various gadgets under one record; 
  • encryption; 
  • sharing records and envelopes. 

Microsoft OneDrive 

Free volume: 5 GB. Review and altering records. Indeed, through Microsoft Office Online and Microsoft Office 365. There are individual, family, and corporate rates.  The expense of an additional bed. 1 TB for $ 69.99 each year for individual use. For corporate plans, the expense is from $ 5 every month for each client. 

OneDrive is multilingual and can foster a limit from 5GB to 100GB. Purchase additional room for a business or perhaps a family directly through the obtaining of Microsoft 365 close by additional applications and limits.


  • Access level administration. 
  • Extra security through close to home safe: twofold verification for login. 
  • Ability to see your main records without Internet access.
  • Limit use through web variation, flexible and workspace applications, XBOX support.


  • The size of the downloaded record is near 15 GB.
  • A problematic strategy for enrolling a business duty and purchasing.
  • Piles of additional features other than the limit.

Google drive 

Free volume: 15 GB. Survey and altering records. Indeed, through the Google Docs bundle. There are individual and corporate rates. The expense of an additional bed. For individual use, you can buy from 100 GB for $ 1.95 each month to 30 TB for $ 295 every month. In the corporate arrangement from $ 10 for each client each month – 100 GB for every representative. 

Google Drive is the biggest haze of these. The greatest can be stacked into it up to 30 TB. You can alter records even without an organization: the information is saved consequently. Access levels will permit you to deal with the trading of organizers and records and set a disallowance on replicating significant archives. 


  • Review and alter most configurations by means of Google Docs. 
  • Utilization through the web variant, work area, and versatile applications. 
  • You can interface disconnected admittance to singular records. 
  • Limitless photograph stockpiling by means of the application on cell phones. 
  • Putting away the historical backdrop of record changes. 
  • Encryption during transmission and capacity of information. 


  • Home space incorporates Gmail mail records. 
  • The size of the transferred document is close to 5 TB. 


Free volume: 2 GB. Survey and altering records. Indeed, through Microsoft Office Online and Dropbox Paper. There are individual and corporate rates. The expense of an additional bed. The individual arrangement begins at $ 9.99 each month for 2 TB of capacity and $ 16.58 each month for 3 TB. 

The corporate arrangement accommodates a 30-day free period, then, at that point from $ 16.58 each month for 3 TB for every record. 


  • Taking care of the authentic background of changes to records and coordinators.
  • Boundless download size (in the web variation – up to 50 GB).
  • Partner untouchable organizations for the gathering of the chiefs: Trello, Slack, Jira.
  • The openness of a referral program to construct circle space for an invited friend.
  • Use through the web interpretation, workspace, and versatile applications.
  • Induction to records by the secret key.


  • Just three gadgets can be synchronized on the free arrangement.